On Chain Hex Truchets, Sold Out!

Tiling has been a mainstay of generative art for many decades. Truchet tiles are one of the first tiling methods that were actively studied. Truchet tiles are capable of producing interesting art and patterns, but are somewhat limited in the variations due to the fact that 4 sided tiles are used.

Recent research in Truchet tilings have produced Generalized Hexagonal Truchet Tiles. Hexagonal Truchet tiles triple the number of potential tiles and hence produce much greater variation. In fact, even with small tilings, the range of variation is essentially infinite.

Hex Truchets uses Hexagonal Truchet tiles with a large number of palettes and other rarity traits to produce unique works of art. Each print will be entirely unique in the patterns generated.

The rarity traits include a layout trait which is the tendency of a tiling to favor left, right, or centered patterns. There is a 5% chance of getting a left or right layout, and a 1% chance of getting a centered layout. The common layout is called a mixed layout. And, there is a one in 500 chance of getting the very rare wide paths with a centered layout. With the size of the current mint, there should be 1 or 2 of these ultra rare prints created.

Remember, Hex Truchets are produced on demand directly from the Ethereum blockchain. You will have access to your print forever, or as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists, whichever comes first!

After you mint, you can view your print immediately on OpenSea.

The Specs

  • .015 ETH
  • 10 Max Per Tx
  • 1555 Max Mint Size
  • Millions of variations
  • Rare, Very Rare, and Ultra Rare Traits
  • Fair launch, no reserve for team, no presale.
  • Reveal is instant, see below for details of on chain art.
  • Standard ERC721
  • 10% of proceeds donated to charities in line with our values below.
  • License - NFT License

What Does On Chain Mean?

On Chain means no dependencies on anything other than the Ethereum blockchain.

  1. No IPFS
  2. No vendor API
  3. No vendor dependencies
  4. Instant reveal - no time delay, everything is on chain
  5. No dependency on any entity forever into the future.
  6. No dependency any software framework or library forever into the future.

Why On Chain?

On chain art is vital to the integrity of NFTs on Ethereum. What happens to the art if the company it was minted from ceases to exist? In many cases, you may not know. But you should know, and the only way you can be certain that the art will exist forever is if it is truly on chain.

On chain art comes directly from the Ethereum blockchain on demand. It is returned in a standardized NFT metadata format that any vendor such as Rarible can understand. Further, you can even display on chain art by pasting the payload directly in a browser!

Many NFTs have enormous value. On chain art is the only way to guarantee the integrity of your NFTs forever into the future.

How do we do it?

On chain NFTs have been very limited for several reasons, mostly related to lack of knowledge of how the EVM works. We have achieved astounding results because:

Who are we?

A team of generative artists who have seen the light, and understand the importance of on chain art. See twitter and discord for details.

Our Values

These are our values, in order.

  1. Inclusiveness - Everyone is invited.
  2. Preference for the Oppressed.
  3. Preference for Women.
  4. Preference for Minorities.


  1. All hldrs get preference for any future drops.
  2. 10% of proceeds go to charities in line with our values.
  3. 100% Decentralized DAO run by hldrs.